SoftwareDEMO 2013-10: New features and more performance


Dear user,

we are glad to announce a new release of SoftwareDEMO. In version 2013-10 we implemented additional functions and improved the performance:

NEW Use local drives in SoftwareDEMO

Uploading your software to the master has become much easier. Use one of your local drives to prepare all the software you need and integrate it into your virtual environment in SoftwareDEMO. Now you can copy all the files directly from your drive to SoftwareDEMO. This feature is currently only available for administrators.
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NEW Create your login portal with few clicks

Create your user login portal no directly inside the management console. Define wording and links. With SFTP/FTP access you can make changes directly in the live version. There is no need to send zip-files anymore.
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NEW Check email and IP address to log in

SoftwareDEMO prevents email addresses from multiple registrations. You also can allow to log in only from defined IP addresses. This is a double safer barrier: Users can only log in with their individual credentials and only from certain IP addresses.
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NEW Improved sound

Users who use tha Java-based login now have sound output from their local machines working performant. This offers you the possibility to provide mulitmedia content such as product videos or training clips.


Additional features


Performance modulator: Adopt the performance of your virtual desktop by choosing between settings for more speed or for better display. Find the middle between a good looking and a performant system.


Additional improvements


Enhanced speed: Login and runtime speed of the Java-based login have improved a lot. By omitting an external component direct access without losing performance is now possible.

Management console:  Some menus and buttons in the management console have changed to make SoftwareDEMO more comfortable and easier to handle.

SoftwareDEMO is a product of DT Netsolution GmbH, Taläckerstr. 30, 70437 Stuttgart, GERMANY
CEO: Daniel Schwager, Stefan Hörz; HRB Stuttgart 19870
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