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Can I play sounds in SoftwareDEMO?

Your objective:
You want to play sound within SoftwareDEMO

The answer:
With SoftwareDEMO*, you can play sound even better than with a standard RDP
connection using the Microsoft Remote Destop Client.

Please follow these steps to enable the remote audio feature:

  1. Login as administrator and start the Management Console
  2. Connect to your master machine
  3. Start the Windows Audio service.
    1. Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Services
    2. Search for the service "Windows Audio"
    3. Open the properties by double clicking on the service
    4. Change the "Startup type" to "Automatic"
    5. Close the properties with "OK"
    6. Close the services window
  4. Enable audio inside the Remote Desktop sessions
    1. Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration
    2. Under "Connections" in the center section double click on "RDP-Tcp"
    3. Select the tab "Client Settings"
    4. Uncheck "Audio and video playback"
    5. Optional: Uncheck "Audio recording"
    6. Close the RDP-Tcp Properties with OK
    7. Close the Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration window
  5. Disconnect from your master machine
  6. Enable audio in your application
    1. In the Management Console, select "Applications" in the Navigation
    2. Select the application that should be able to play sound and click on "Edit"
    3. Select the tab "Advanced"
    4. Check "Audio"
    5. Save and close the application settings by clicking "OK"
  7. Publish your master machine
  8. Login with a test user using the Java based login and enjoy

(*) This feature is only available using the Java based login which requires the respective license (see our licenses and terms of use for details)

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